Ben Lobaugh

Flying around with a Jetpack at Automattic

Eric Amundson

Eric Amundson is the head web strategist and user-experience designer at IvyCat, and he simply LOVES making customers happy.

Eric is responsible for overseeing daily operations, all hosting and testing servers, and making sure the code monkeys don’t run out of coffee and bananas.

He recently joined the WordPress Docs Team and spends lots of time writing for, and editing the WordPress Codex, and WordPress Developer docs and scheming better ways to support customers.

Erick Hitter

WordPress has been my development platform of choice for more than three years. I previously worked at Oomph, a WordPress.com VIP Featured Partner, building themes for high traffic sites on the VIP Platform. Since July 2012, I’ve been part of Automattic’s Team Custom, building tools to help WordPress.com users customize their sites beyond choosing a beautiful theme.

Tanner Moushey

I love building stuff with WordPress and get to do it each day as a Web Engineer at 10up. I get most excited when I get to make WordPress do stuff that helps people.

When I’m not proving that WordPress is one of the most powerful CMSes around, I enjoy spending time with my wife and 3 boys and leading worship at my church.

Konstantin Obenland

: I started contributing to WordPress in 2009 with a few plugins, over time I got more and more involved and eventually started to contribute to WordPress core. Most recently I helped out with the development of Twenty Twelve and served as theme developer for Twenty Thirteen. Last year I joined Automattic as a Theme Wrangler.

Andrew Pengelly

My name is Andrew (Pez) Pengelly and I am a front end web developer and designer living in Whistler. I have worked as a freelance web developer since 2010 and I started making webpages back when Table layouts were boss. I have used WordPress to build several client sites. I currently work for Tictalking a startup based in Victoria, BC.

Wes DeBoer

Wes DeBoer is the Tech Lead at Invoke Media (http://invokemedia.com) where he spent the past 8 years having worked on various WordPress and other php related projects for brands like AOL, NBC/Universal, Piaggio and many others.

Jon Jennings

Jon’s a freelance programmer specializing in WordPress. He loves classes, APIs and anything that makes his life easier.

Robert Dall

Robert Dall is a 30-something web designer, blogger.

Born and raised on the West Coast of Canada, in the small seaside village of Sechelt, B.C. Robert’s passion for the visual element started with his first high school photography class. He continued with this passion by studying at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, graduating with a Diploma in Journalism Arts.

The next seven years were a chaotic blur of lenses, assignments, time zones and cities as Robert criss-crossed the Arctic and Western Canada telling the stories of Canadians from the viewfinder of his camera.

New horizons

Homesick after years on the road, Robert returned to the West Coast seeking to broaden his horizons, while staying a little closer to home.

Robert Owner / Principal Designer at 32spokes Web Design where he splits he time between Sechelt and Vancouver working with clients to bring their business on to the web.

Shawn Johnston

Designer, WordPress developer, Conference and Workshop organizer, wannabe ninja, burgeoning guitar god.

Grant Landram

All about technology, startups and WordPress. Senior Web Strategist at 10up. WordCamp Organizer. Seattleite via Minneapolis.

Mike Schroder

Mike Schroder, known as Shredder to most of his colleagues, is a cross-cultural kid, coffee-drinking sailor, and lover of Open Source. He currently works at DreamHost, contributing to the WordPress core and community projects including WP-CLI. You can find him blogging on various geeky things at http://www.getsource.net

Zack Tollman

Residing in Portland, Oregon, Zack longs for the cold, snowy days of his Alaskan youth. He enjoys strumming his guitar, playing hockey, and spending time with his fiancée and dog. Otherwise, you’ll find him at his computer meticulously spinning lines of clean WordPress code as a developer at The Theme Foundry.


Mari Kane

I am a writer, blogger and WordPress Consultant who builds WordPress sites, blogs and maintains four sites, and tutors people on how to use WordPress. I run a weekly Meetup called WordPress Workshop.

Drew Jaynes

I’m DrewAPicture. I’ve been a developer for 10 years and WordPress developer since 2008. In 2010, I took a much more active role in the community, contributing to core, and volunteering on the docs and support teams. I worked on autocomplete in 3.4 and served as backup lead on the nav-menus UI refresh in the upcoming 3.6 release. I also started my dream job working as a Web Engineer at 10up in March 2013.

Jeff Brock

I’m a charismatic, right-and-left-brained communicator with more than 16 years expertise in web content, programming, design and usability, and 11 years as a photographer, journalist and media relations professional. A graduate of Stanford University, I’m committed to social change. I worked at the San Francisco AIDS Foundation from 1996-2007 (first as media spokesperson, and then webmaster). In June 2003, I bicycled 585 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles in AIDS/LifeCycle, raising thousands of dollars for the AIDS Foundation. I’m fiercely loyal to my clients, including such organizations as the BioBricks Foundation and Marriage Equality USA. I live in Seattle with my wife Bobbie, and a cat with only one eye, and a cat with no tail.

Steve Zussino

Steven Zussino is the co-founder of Grocery Alerts Canada.

He loves to help Canadians save money on groceries by posting Canadian coupons and grocery flyer deals.

He also runs the blog, CanadianPersonalFinance.com where we shares his ideas on personal finance and helping Canadians save money.


Tris Hussey

Long-time WP expert. Author of two best-selling WordPress books (Create Your Own Blog and Using WordPress), Canada’s first professional blogger. More at trishussey.com

Morten Rand-Hendriksen

I split my time between teaching people how to use WordPress and figuring out how to make WordPress work for our demanding clients. Most of our client conversations start with a question along the lines of “can WordPress really do that?”, thus the title of the talk.

Christine Rondeau

My web development business (Bluelime Media) is focused on working with graphic designers, helping them bring their design to fruition. I started using WordPress many years ago as a blog but quickly transitioned to using it more and more as a CMS. My heart and talent lies in writing HTML and CSS and bending WordPress to make it behave the way I need it to. I give back to the community by teaching part-time at BCIT and I’m a moderator on the support forums.

Jaffe Worley

I currently work as the Web Manager for Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.  I have been a developer for a little over 4 years and come from a Audio 3D, and Motion Graphics background.  The majority of my development work has been with Government Websites and Freelance.    Before working at Microsoft I was the lead developer for a Seattle Marketing and Public Relations firm where I actually won numerous awards for my projects. (that is my limit of bragging).

Merrill Mayer

I am a Seattle, WA freelance web developer. I focus on developing custom WordPress themes. My background includes 7 years of working for Oracle Corp. I have been freelancing for 5 years and still trying to work out my business model!


Bruce Gruenbaum

With nearly 30 years of experience developing high-performance, highly integrated, enterprise-class commercial applications for companies like Earthlink, DIRECTV, Microsoft, and Nordstrom, and 7 years building tools based on the Eclipse framework for engineers that build their own applications with Progress Software Corporation, Bruce Gruenbaum has extensive large-team development experience in languages like C/C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, and several other more obscure ones. Having personally made the transition from procedural to object-oriented programming with C/C++ and Progress 4GL in the past, doing the same thing again with PHP is familiar territory. With 5 WordPress sites that he hosts, administers and extends, and several other WordPress and other PHP-based sites that are hosted by and for customers, Bruce has plenty of experience training, supporting, and mentoring engineers who use PHP, Java, C++, and C# on a daily basis. His day job is mostly focused on the Enterprise Architecture aspect of IT, but his passion and his hobby is still writing code.


Justin Sainton

Justin Sainton is the founder of Zao, a WordPress agency based in Portland, Oregon.

As a core contributor to WordPress and a core developer for the WP E-Commerce project, Justin believes passionately in the philosophy of open-source software.

Working exclusively with WordPress and an array of other open-source technologies, Justin and Zao have provided creative and effective solutions for a wide variety of companies and associations ranging from the Power Rangers to Targus,  the National Education Association and HTC.

When not building the Zao empire or spending time with his beautiful wife and lovely daughters, Justin can be found enjoying the best espresso in Portland (Stumptown, naturally).

Jeremy Felt

Jeremy is a Senior WordPress Engineer with the Department of University Web Communication at Washington State University. Under a new directive at WSU, the team is building a unified publishing platform around WordPress for the various colleges and departments within the University. Jeremy has been creating things on the Internet for well over 15 years and has constantly strove for better ways to publish and maintain user generated content. After growing up in the Chicagoland area and then spending a couple years in PDX, he is now a brand new resident of Pullman, WA.

Curtis McHale

I’ve been running a successful WordPress business for 6 years building sites, ecommerce, and custom plugins for small and huge businesses alike.


Kane Jamison

I’m Kane. I’m the founder of a content marketing agency here in Seattle called Content Harmony (contentharmony.com). I’ve been working with WordPress since 2005 (I started with 1.5.2 right before 2.0 came out) and began specializing in SEO and marketing in 2008. My primary knowledge base is split between content creation, content promotion, and web analytics, with heavy focus on search marketing and business promotion. My overall focus in any presentation I give is giving everyone in the room something actionable to walk away with.

Suzette Franck

I am the (mt) Media Temple WordPress Evangelist. (mt) Media Temple is a developer-friendly web hosting company, in Culver City, California, where I am known as “mt_Suzette”. I keep (mt) Media Temple support up-to-date on the latest in WordPress, I also speak at WordPress Meetups and WordCamps nationwide, blog at suzettefranck.com, and I am also a regular contributor on WPWatercooler.com. I have been a part of the WordPress Community since 2011, when I first spoke on BuddyPress at OC WordCamp.

I am hand-coder at heart, and I have been in love with web development for over 18+ years, including surviving the table layouts and font tags of the 90′s, up through coding my own PHP and MySQL content management system in 2000 before CMSs were in wide use. I discovered WordPress five years ago and I have used it to develop over 200 WordPress custom themes, mostly from the Twenty Eleven default theme.

I have always embraced new technology and I am eager to learn new things and show them to the world. I am an advocate for open source, wiki and documentation, and web standards. I am passionate about teaching others on the wonders of WordPress, and my hope is to inspire others to collaborate and share their knowledge.