WordCamp Vancouver 2013 Speaker Schedule

This year we received over 35 speaker applications for WordCamp Vancouver. It took several hours of deliberation and a lot of difficult decisions. We could only fit 14 speakers in our two main tracks, so this made it especially difficult to choose when so many great individuals applied. We’ve decided to introduce a third track where we’ll be hosting several shorter talks.

Take a look at our speaker line-up. https://2013.vancouver.wordcamp.org/speakers/ You will find that there is something for everyone, of all levels and many interests. In particular, there are a lot of development and power user / power entrepreneur talks.  If you’re new to WordPress, we also have a couple of talks for you that will give you great tips to get started.

Schedule: https://2013.vancouver.wordcamp.org/schedule/

Have you bought your ticket yet? You have only one week, until July 17th, to purchase it at the early bird price of only $20. https://2013.vancouver.wordcamp.org/attend/

If you are a company or an individual who is interested in supporting the WordPress community, it’s not too late. There are sponsorships and microsponsorships available. In addition to getting your ticket(s), you get a few other perks as well. https://2013.vancouver.wordcamp.org/sponsor/

One of the perks is getting recognized on our website. A big thank you to the sponsors that we have so far, as seen in our sidebar on most pages: BCIT, DreamHost, Code Poet, CACloud.com, 10up, Forge and Smith, SFN Design, WPML .org, Michael Swanton, and IvyCat Web Services.

If you would prefer to show your support by volunteering, the volunteer applications are here: https://2013.vancouver.wordcamp.org/volunteer/

We are looking forward to seeing you for a great day on Saturday, August 17th!